Sunday, June 26, 2022

hedge woundwort, in a hedge, first spuds and broad beans, waiting to cycle, growling dog, eric ravilious, drawn to war

Hedge woundwort, appropriately in a hedge, near Marston.

J has been doing the allotment, very kindly, while I am not allowed to garden post the op, and today she brought back our first spuds. Not ones we planted - or not this year, at least - but volunteers from amongst the runner beans. This afternoon, she will be harvesting our first broad beans. Picked while I took our dog for a walk. I am allowed to do that, though not, frustratingly, cycling, for just over two weeks more.

As I type, dog is growling at something unknown outside. Shush!

Excited about the film about Eric Ravilious, Drawn to War, (trailer) which is released on 1 July! Love his work. It's a close run thing, choosing between him and John Nash. But then why choose - they are both exceptional!

Sunday, June 19, 2022

fox and cubs abundant, not cycling but walking, readings and showcase, settled expectations overturned, but progressing small step by small step


Fox and Cubs flowers are abundant this year in and around the village. They are striking, rich and gorgeous!

Not allowed to cycle for another three weeks due to op but can go for walks. What a delight, though! Seeing everything clearly, and in detail again.

End of Year Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing readings tomorrow evening. Always an event I look forward to. In a fortnight it will be the MSt showcase. The academic year is almost over. 

Extraordinary to think that this is the first time the readings and showcase will have been held in-person since 2019. Yes, always events I look forward to but in saying that my mind is playing tricks, ignoring their three-year absence, joining up occurrences as if the pandemic had never been. If only. Perhaps it's a question of trying to blot out the trauma. Not that I should overemphasise this - things haven't been that bad for us. But still, the mind has seen its settled expectations overturned by events that it struggles to understand or come to terms with and will do so for an unknown length of time. 

But great, truly great to be picking up where we left off. Small step by small step, we will progress towards a better future.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

missed out, bunting, platinum jubilee clock, stone dust, broad street party, food and natter, major...

Sadly, I missed out on the Bampton Shirt Race and the other Platinum Jubilee celebrations in the village because of the op.

I did, though, see a bit of bunting here and there, when I took short walks. Not to mention the Jubilee Clock on the town hall, drifts of stone dust still visible below it from its recent installation. 

I was able to go to the Broad Street street party on Sunday, which J and team organised. It was a lovely occasion and it was wonderful to see so many neighbours and have a natter. Amazing food too - just a fraction shown (but what a terrific fraction RS' pie is!).

The op by the way, I now learn, is described as major rather than minor but fortunately it has gone well, so seems less than it is. It has made such a difference to my life already. I'd never have noticed those drifts of stone dust beneath the clock ten days ago, for a start!

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

hospital - all well, family wedding, dancing!, it's been a while (when have I heard that before!), things, kind weather for allotmenters, solomon's seal!

(Written while waiting for a minor op in hospital earlier - all well.)

Went to a wedding last weekend at Welford, a Berkshire village I'd never visited before. The road after Wantage swept us through long valleys, the grass so many different greens in the bright sun and in the shaded moments when whispy clouds drifted across them.

Lovely to see family and friends. Lovely to dance!

It's been a while since I posted. Somehow the term - and life generally - has been extraordinarily busy. Not annihilatingly so, as it was during the pandemic, just lots of things to do.

Some social things, as well as work. Enjoyed going to a reception at Kellogg and feeling that life might be getting back to normal.

Then there has been gardening. Always too much to do on the allotment, particularly. Still, the weather has been kind to us, at least in terms of it not being rainy in the evenings and at weekends. No rain has its problems too...

Magnificent Solomon's Seal in J's garden at the house! Something must have changed in front of it - it's never been so gloriously centre-stage as now.