Wednesday, June 1, 2022

hospital - all well, family wedding, dancing!, it's been a while (when have I heard that before!), things, kind weather for allotmenters, solomon's seal!

(Written while waiting for a minor op in hospital earlier - all well.)

Went to a wedding last weekend at Welford, a Berkshire village I'd never visited before. The road after Wantage swept us through long valleys, the grass so many different greens in the bright sun and in the shaded moments when whispy clouds drifted across them.

Lovely to see family and friends. Lovely to dance!

It's been a while since I posted. Somehow the term - and life generally - has been extraordinarily busy. Not annihilatingly so, as it was during the pandemic, just lots of things to do.

Some social things, as well as work. Enjoyed going to a reception at Kellogg and feeling that life might be getting back to normal.

Then there has been gardening. Always too much to do on the allotment, particularly. Still, the weather has been kind to us, at least in terms of it not being rainy in the evenings and at weekends. No rain has its problems too...

Magnificent Solomon's Seal in J's garden at the house! Something must have changed in front of it - it's never been so gloriously centre-stage as now.

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