Saturday, February 24, 2024

the tree, tutes, almost springy, 6 villages cycle, jtns' birthday!


I see this tree from the bus stop at Buckland. The look of it is never the same.

Loved meeting students yesterday for assignment tutorials in Oxford.

Today has been glorious. The strengthening light - almost springy - is wonderfully uplifting.

Went for a cycle ride earlier, doing the 6 villages - Black Bourton, Alvescot, Kencot, Broadwell, Clanfield, Bampton - and the gated road. Haven't done that one for quite a while, having been somewhat fixated on ones to the east that mostly involve Mount Owen for some time.

It was justthoughtsnstuff's birthday earlier in the week, on the 20th. Yesterday, before teaching, over a coffee in Summertown, I re-read the February 2012 posts out of curiosity. They were written not long after Dad died.

I didn't mind reading posts this time. Previously, reading posts and Trust have stirred up painful memories but now I feel I can accept them as things that I wrote - things that I'm happy with, as a writer, and that helped me work through the miserable events that part-defined a big chunk of my life.

Here's the link to the February 2012 posts: