Sunday, November 29, 2020

on the cusp, mist, stark oaks, cosy fire


On the cusp of autumn and winter. Mist, gloom, the oaks on the northern edge of Mount Owen stripped of their leaves and stark.

Thankful for the cosiness of a log fire after cycling.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

keeping going, amazing work, long fiction seminar, portuguese memories, under water, glorious spindle berries!

The last month or so has been phenomenally busy at the University as everyone tries to keep things going under Covid conditions.

Amazing work has been done by colleagues.

Enjoyed meeting the Diploma students last week for the first long fiction seminar.

This weekend a year ago, we flew to Portugal to stay with friends and had one of the loveliest mini-breaks ever. How times have changed... 

Would have liked to tidy up on the allotment but everything is drenched. 

In the early autumn, after another soaking that left much of the plot under water, I lifted the spuds. Half of the crop succumbed to blight but what remains in store is good. Carrots, beetroot and leeks still to be harvested and there are onions and shallots in shed. Runner beans kept going till late October! Such a generous crop.

Have enjoyed some autumn walks, despite slipping all over the place. The spindle berries this year are glorious!