Monday, May 3, 2021

greater stitchwort, mount owen, gale


Saw lots of stitchworts when I was cycling the northern slope of Mount Owen.

I wanted to call them lesser stitchworts but the way the petals are cut - about half-way down - and the largish leaves suggest greater.

Apparently the plant was used as a remedy for stitches.

Had to do the last few yards of the slope on foot because the wind was too strong - and it wasn't as fierce as it's supposed to get later this afternoon.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

the gated road, marsh marigolds, beacon, hope, work, no reason not to have a.lie in


Cycling the gated road (no longer with gates and aka Calcroft Lane) from Broadwell to Clanfield, having crossed the Beeching-cut railway line over the steeply arced bridge, I searched for marsh marigolds.

None in the dried out ditches - brim full of water and plants last year. Only as I neared the end of the vast plain of the field to the south, Folly Hill far beyond, did I see the bright yellow. I fixed on it, getting closer, then stopped and took a picture. Not quite the only clump in the shallow clear water but the first sighted. 

Feelings of hope.

Flowers brighter than usual, I fancied, leaves more plump.

Since, a week of work - the feet not touching the ground kind. Work still, yesterday. Now a couple of days off.

Shame about the predicted rain but at least there won't be a reason not to have a lie in!