Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Spotted the grey heron again yesterday - the one that fishes in the stream beside the Oxford canal near Jericho. I say 'spotted' but actually it's hard to miss and as long as you don't make sudden movements, let's you get pretty close. Feathers bright for spring.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

dog walking, orienteering, spring morning!, violets, st mary's spire


Walked our dog for a couple of hours on Saturday morning. Hardly anyone else about - dog-walkers, that is - although there were groups of school kids in the valley on an orienteering exercise, it seemed like. The leader of each group had the map. They and the rest equipped for a full day in the countryside. They seemed to be setting off in relays, about five minutes apart. Every time a group approached, I made our spaniel sit patiently. 'What a well behaved dog,' said one girl. 'Not like my dog!'

It was a wonderful spring morning, which definitely lifted the heart. And, I daresay, was a great relief to the orienteerers, what with the downpours we've been having.

For much of the time when walking in the valley, the location of the village is marked by the spire of St Mary's sharp above the trees. Saw violets as we came back towards the old Swan - a former pub, long closed.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

shepherd's hut, thames-side walks, unique landscapes, time and space, spring

A short holiday in far-off Northmoor, staying in one of the shepherd's huts at the Red Lion. All of seven and a half miles away.

Excellent walks along the Thames path - the land ancient seeming and much different to the flood plain near our village. All along the west Oxfordshire Thames, it's just flat land, grass, trees, and at this time of year, standing water, but each landscape is individual, unique.

Haven't posted for a while. Not much time for anything but work this last month. Am hoping for a bit more space for my own projects over the coming weeks - and fun too.

Beautiful spring afternoon here.