Sunday, October 9, 2022

beautiful thames-side heron, more digging, last of the apples, still pears

Saw this beautiful heron when taking a walk during my lunch break in the week. It was beside the Thames a little to the north of Oxford station. Different bird, I imagine, to Osney bird - which lives about a quarter of a mile to the south.

Did more digging on the allotment this morning. Also picked pretty much the last runner beans - a huge bagful, though. Back at the house we ate the last two Lord Lambourne apples with our late breakfast. Superb. Almost the end of the apple harvest this year... But we still have quite a few pears left.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

gnarled blenheim oranges - delicious!, autumn digging, still harvesting, piece in iris murdoch review

Slug-munched gnarled Blenheim Orange apples. Both fallers and two of only a handful that the tree produced. I'd thought the skins would be tough but we had one each for breakfast and they were soft and the flesh was absolutely delicious.

Autumn digging on the allotment earlier - very satisfying. Also still harvesting runner beans, spinach, cucumbers and tomatoes. Saving beetroot, carrots, parsnips and leeks for later in the season.

Thrilled that the piece I wrote about John Bayley and Iris Murdoch is in the latest Iris Murdoch Review. See Editorial Preface for more information about the full range of articles.