Sunday, June 26, 2022

hedge woundwort, in a hedge, first spuds and broad beans, waiting to cycle, growling dog, eric ravilious, drawn to war

Hedge woundwort, appropriately in a hedge, near Marston.

J has been doing the allotment, very kindly, while I am not allowed to garden post the op, and today she brought back our first spuds. Not ones we planted - or not this year, at least - but volunteers from amongst the runner beans. This afternoon, she will be harvesting our first broad beans. Picked while I took our dog for a walk. I am allowed to do that, though not, frustratingly, cycling, for just over two weeks more.

As I type, dog is growling at something unknown outside. Shush!

Excited about the film about Eric Ravilious, Drawn to War, (trailer) which is released on 1 July! Love his work. It's a close run thing, choosing between him and John Nash. But then why choose - they are both exceptional!

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