Sunday, June 19, 2022

fox and cubs abundant, not cycling but walking, readings and showcase, settled expectations overturned, but progressing small step by small step


Fox and Cubs flowers are abundant this year in and around the village. They are striking, rich and gorgeous!

Not allowed to cycle for another three weeks due to op but can go for walks. What a delight, though! Seeing everything clearly, and in detail again.

End of Year Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing readings tomorrow evening. Always an event I look forward to. In a fortnight it will be the MSt showcase. The academic year is almost over. 

Extraordinary to think that this is the first time the readings and showcase will have been held in-person since 2019. Yes, always events I look forward to but in saying that my mind is playing tricks, ignoring their three-year absence, joining up occurrences as if the pandemic had never been. If only. Perhaps it's a question of trying to blot out the trauma. Not that I should overemphasise this - things haven't been that bad for us. But still, the mind has seen its settled expectations overturned by events that it struggles to understand or come to terms with and will do so for an unknown length of time. 

But great, truly great to be picking up where we left off. Small step by small step, we will progress towards a better future.

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