Thursday, May 25, 2023

through the gate, beneath the pylon, escape, kellogg college creative writing competition - loved every minute, blue plaque for iris murdoch!

There is a little path, off to the left as I walk in to work, these days, which takes me through a metal gate, beneath a huge electricity pylon, into a field of buttercups.

I turn right and I'm only in the field for five minutes - if that - before I leave and pick up the cycle track to Osney Island.

But those few minutes, so unpromising, passing under the pylon, are an escape - a refreshment that sets the day right.


A week ago, I attended the Kellogg College Creative Writing competition: the readings, the announcement of the winner and runners up, and the guest night dinner. Wonderful evening! And it was a great honour to be one of the judges and to introduce the readings. Loved every minute!


Updated, Sat 27 May

So excited to read about the unveiling of the blue plaque for Iris Murdoch, which took place at 30 Charlbury Road yesterday! Part of a double celebration, with a plaque for Philippa Foot being unveiled later in the day, at 15 Walton Street!

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