Sunday, May 14, 2023

allium posy, dearest friends, allotmenting, strategic year, uncertain hope of apples, busy trinity weeks, kellogg college creative writing competition!


J's posy for the bedside table of dearest friends staying with us last Friday. Allium flowers and leaves from a plant whose name I couldn't pronounce, let alone remember.

Have at least been able to make some modest progress on the allotment this weekend. Cutting giant leaves of grass and digging, in preparation for construction of raised beds in the summer. A strategic year, this one, with not much grown, although J has planted out broad beans and I have been harvesting asparagus.

Apple blossom was abundant a few weeks ago but there were keen frosts and we live in uncertain hope of some fruits. It's so difficult to tell what the damage was at this stage.

Middle weeks of Trinity term, which mean loads of work.

Looking forward to Thursday's guest night dinner at Kellogg and the announcement of the winner and runners up in the college creative writing competition!

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