Saturday, March 26, 2022

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Seed potatoes, ordered online (Maris Peer), and bought locally (Desiree, Nadine and Nicola), moved to attic, where they have been put into their old wooden trays. Am hoping the sprouts won't get too long. The attic is dark but warmer than ideal. Advice online indicates that putting an apple in with the spuds works - it's the ethylene, apparently.

MSt in Creative Writing residence this weekend and early next week, Supervision meeting on Monday, which I am looking forward to.

Had an alert earlier that on this day in 2020, I uploaded this post: last central oxford photo, rewley road swing bridge, handy metaphor, weird lockdown. I'd taken a photo of the swing bridge on my way to work - the last time I went to work before the lockdown and wfh. Now, two years on, the University is moving to Stage 0 of its Business Continuity Framework, and that will be the end of Covid restrictions. Of course, I have mixed feelings about this, what with the soaring infection rates, but I also can't help but yearn to put the virus behind us. Looking to the future, in the face of grim news everywhere, it seems like, on a beautiful spring day with the window open.

Certainly, the swing bridge is coming out of the pandemic better than it went in. A restoration project carried out by the Oxford Preservation Trust is nearing completion. Hooray!

And the photo? Apropos of nothing in particular. The emerging watercolour is a View Near Harrow.

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