Thursday, March 26, 2020

last central oxford photo, rewley road swing bridge, handy metaphor, weird lockdown

This was the last photo I took in central Oxford before the libraries closed and everyone started working from home. It shows the Rewley Road Swing Bridge, which was built in 1850-1 and closed to goods trains in 1984. Now a scheduled monument. A stretch of railway track going nowhere... A handy metaphor for the current situation, perhaps, but also an aesthetically and texturally fascinating structure, that sometimes gets overgrown, then suddenly reappears when someone arranges for it to be tidied up, as now.

Lockdown is weird. Working from home is OK from the point of view of tech but you keep noticing things that need doing round the house that didn't seem so important when you were heading for the bus each day.

It's also the case that we've been saying for ages that it would great if we both worked from home and could really enjoy actually living in the village - but not like this!

Hope everyone keeps safe.

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