Sunday, November 14, 2021

last of the season's apples - a charles ross, shed repairs, vision of a shed blown away, plans for 2022, the scourge of work-work


Harvested the last of our apples today. A Charles Ross. Still firm and delicious, despite some frosts a week or so ago.

Repaired the allotment shed roof this morning, after having patched some of the boarding along the sides last weekend and having replaced part of the front and secured the door frame in September. It will make it through the winter, hopefully, although, as the list of tasks done indicates, it's beginning to fall apart. After twenty years. It was bought second-hand and put up by a kind neighbour.

It is anchored by two fencing posts driven deep into the ground either side. I sometimes expect to find these clutching ragged slips of shed and the rest scattered over the plots after high winds.

A new shed and raised beds are planned for 2022.

The trouble is making time to do these things, when there is always so much work-work to do...

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