Sunday, October 31, 2021

brisk walk, city green lane, black-headed gulls, potato harvest, last of the apples, sadness


A brisk walk across the Parks one lunchtime last week and round the footpaths that link the rainbow bridge and the meadows towards Marston.

As I mentioned before, it's hard to believe that sights such as the green lane in the photo above are part of the city, a good deal of which is still rural.

Returning, I saw a flock of black-headed gulls on the pond in the Parks - winter plumage, white head and black spot behind the eye.

Last weekend I lifted the spuds on the allotment. Not quite the good harvest I expected but it will last into the new year. Stupidly, though, I forgot that I had planted a row of Estima and a row of Nadine next to each other. The two varieties look similarish. I put both rows into the same sack...

We have eaten the last of the Cox apples, although there are still one or two Charles Ross left. It's been a great - and delicious - year for apples!

Very sad to learn of the death of a friend and former colleague - a year younger than me. Too young. Such a shock.

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