Sunday, March 7, 2021

violets and spring flowerings, allotment?, last week of term, having fun?, beginning to look to the future, pint!


One of several violets in our garden. Under attack, it seems - though still gorgeous.

Quite a few other spring flowers out now as well.

The allotment is drying nicely but rain is on its way next weekend.

Amazingly, Oxford 8th Week starts today (Oxford calendar). The term seemed to begin only yesterday and it's hard to believe that all that time has gone, not to mention since it was New Year's Day! With lockdown, it can't really be because we're having fun - although I have enjoyed the creative writing side of my work particularly. And at the library, there has been a sense of looking to the future. Talk of things that we were doing a year ago and which we might do again come the summer.

Roll on being able to enjoy a pint too!

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