Sunday, March 14, 2021

oxford saturday, different despite everything being the same, cycling, primroses, frog spawn

Worked at the library yesterday. Haven't done a Saturday shift for a while. Strange how it felt qualitatively different to going in on a weekday, even though the streets were just as deserted. Only a few people in masks, heading purposefully and one or two without masks, looking somewhat anxious. There was what has become the usual absence of excitement.

There were readers in at the library, though, studying hard, which makes being at work worthwhile.

Cycling this morning. The wind's died down a bit and I was blown back to the village, once I turned onto Calcroft Lane (aka the gated road - without gates because they are long gone).

Saw this clump of primroses - and others - on the steep bank of the stream that runs past the Clanfield Tavern.

In our pond, the first clumps of frog spawn appeared on Thursday morning.

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