Sunday, June 14, 2020

iris encore, weeding, first harvests, parsnips, waiting for rain

Another iris - this time an aquatic one, from the margins of our frog pond.

Ridged the spuds yesterday, while J weeded and mounded up the new asparagus bed. Today, both of us weeding. Amazing to have two rows of parsnip seedlings (not sown by me) - last year just four came up (sown by me - saved for Christmas and New Year lunches).

Beginning to harvest - radishes and chard. Broad beans on their way. Dessert gooseberries are a puzzler - they look about ready but aren't quite ripe yet. Last summer I misjudged them and the birds had the lot!

Close today after the few showers in the week. For a moment or two on Friday it looked like there was going to be a downpour but this turned out to be an illusion.

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