Sunday, June 7, 2020

flowers and damselflies, planting, leafcutting bee, summer reading, keble's 150th

I photographed the iris beside our pond during the late May bank holiday weekend. The flowers have gone over now and the stems are heavy with seed heads. An everlasting sweet pea circles the plant like a ribbon. In the pond, the water lilies are in flower and the flowering rush has put up not one but two buds. There are damselflies hovering above the lily pads - electric blue, light brown and brick red.

Today we planted out our courgettes, squashes and cucumbers. Though one pot and plant had to be left where it was on top of the garden recycling bin by the log shed. A leafcutting bee has made its nest there. This will necessitate rigging up a temporary stand when it's bin day. This can go on till late summer, apparently!

As mentioned, having finished the Katherine Mansfield short story collection, I have been reading  The Mill on the Floss. I once started this novel but never got very far with it. Why ever not? It is fantastic! I'm loving it.

Have also downloaded Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky, on the recommendation of one of my students, and Solaris by Stanislaw Lem, which I have wanted to reread for some time. This time in the Bill Johnston translation, which is supposed to be a big improvement on the original one, but which is only available as an ebook for legal reasons.

Yesterday was the 150th birthday of my alma mater, Keble College, which was incorporated by Royal Charter on 6 June 1870. While the party couldn't take place, the college has created a fascinating Heritage Website with features on John Keble and the history of the college and its buildings and grounds.

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