Sunday, March 1, 2020

welcome to mtns!, marsh marigolds, rewarding and fascinating meetings, windswept

Welcome to morethoughtsnstuff!

In the ditches alongside the Clanfield end of Calcroft Lane (aka The Gated Road) the marsh marigolds are in flower. The first ones appeared a fortnight ago but those plants were submerged for a time. Today, the yellow flowers and green leaves shone!

justthoughtsnstuff concluded on the 20th February, its tenth birthday, but thoughtsnstuff don't stop!

Loved working with my Undergraduate Diploma long fiction students on Friday! Such rewarding and fascinating meetings!

This morning's cycle ride was the most windswept yet - challenging, with almost pedalling-at-a-standstill gusts going out and exhilarating whooshing suges forward along Calcroft Lane and the Clanfield road home.

March coming in like a lion - let's hope for a lamb!

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