Monday, March 16, 2020

family, clematis armandii, swift, we have to, signpost, we have to, frogs

A gorgeously happy visit to family at the weekend. Where the clematis armandii was in full flower!

Quite swift journeys there and back, because of the crisis.

Life will never... Well, never say never. We have to get through this - though I realise that's easy for me to say.

Over recent weeks I've been so thankful for the newly refreshed walk to work. Soon everything's going to be new - but not clearly marked.

Learnt this afternoon that this coming weekend's MSt residence has switched to virtual, which won't of course be the same as face-to-face but nevertheless should work well.

We have to get through this.

As the photo of the signpost shows, this morning there was beautiful sunshine. Hopefully we have turned towards spring. The frogs in the pond certainly think so - first clumps of spawn seen yesterday when we got home!

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