Sunday, February 5, 2023

snaps from the last freeze, ice on the frog pond, handy big coffee maker!


Frosty photos from the last freeze, as night-time temperatures drop and green starts to whiten again - though just a dusting this morning.

When I snapped these the lanes were too slippy for cycling and I'd taken to walking along the Clanfield road as far as Cowleaze Corner and back via Weald, with a final flourish down Queen Street and the wynds that bring you back to our street.

The world was grey and muffled that Sunday early afternoon. I was worried about the frogs in our pond because the ice was getting too thick to break in the corner beneath the hedgehog ramp. In the end I had to sink holes, three inches deep, using our big coffee maker! Haven't had to get this out - for coffee or saving frogs - for several years. (I prefer a French press these days, for brewing coffee - not so handy when it comes to melting ice!)

Hard to imagine it getting to minus five tomorrow morning. Such a beautiful spring-like day.

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