Sunday, September 25, 2022

relaxing long walks and wonderful food, ancient church tucked away, a robin's welcome, fungi, fovant badge, queen's funeral, start of new academic year

Happy and relaxing few days in Wiltshire, near Tisbury - long walks, wonderful food, beer, cider and wine.

Came across Sutton Mandeville's tucked away church and couldn't believe its beauty nor its age (Norman on an Anglo Saxon site).

The robin welcomed us at the churchyard gate.

Some magnificent fungi, including the boss-like bracket Grifola Frondosa (I think!) growing above the roots of an oak.

Haven't yet been able to identify the intriguing, somewhat beguiling, greeny one.

One of the Fovant badges seen on the opposite side of the valley on an after-lunch walk.

We packed and drove down on the day of the Queen's funeral. Like so many, the ache of grief reminded me of that when a close relative has died. The thump-thump of the marching music and the lone piper still echo in the back of my mind.

Back to work tomorrow and to the last week before Freshers arrive and the new academic year begins!

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