Tuesday, September 6, 2022

catch-up photos, apples, shepherd's hut, glads, party!

Gosh, where has the time gone!

Lots of library work, teaching, allotment and gardening watering... and holiday.

All of which were rewarding, although the last was extremely welcome.

A catch-up series of photos.

Another wonderful apple harvest! Though the Charles Ross lost all its blossom during a late spring frost, sadly - just after I had boasted of our apple trees looking abundant. The fickleness of nature - the vanity of gardeners (well, this one anyway).

The Blenheim Orange was also hit. But the James Grieve (bottom apple photo), Cox, and Lord Lambourne (top) have been amazing! Especially the Lord L, whose fruits have been crisp and juicy and pallette-tinglingly delicious!

An excursion to far-off Northmoor in August (all of 5 miles) to stay in a shepherd's hut at the Red Lion was fantastic. Excellent place to be, with terrific walks along the Thames and inland through sheep flocks grazing ancient-seeming pastures.

The allotment has done well, despite the drought. Gladioli - self-set from last year - have been gorgeous.

It was lovely to have friends round for drinks (aftermath, part-way through being cleared up, in photo) over the bank holiday weekend. The first proper drinks gathering since 2019, pre-pandemic.

And in the background, always the news. Interesting times, I suppose...

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