Sunday, January 9, 2022

cycling, winter-sunned, the gateless gated road, cheesy beetroots, freshness lingers, weirdness persists, optimism?


After the ice melted, I went on a cycle ride through the winter-sunned countryside. So different to the slatiness that capped all enthusiasm yesterday.

This photo was taken looking back along Calcroft Lane (aka The Gated Road - no longer with its gates) near Clanfield, our neighbouring village. The field on the left is enormous, usually planted with corn and either greened by winter corn or fallow at this time of year. This time, though, sheep graze on strips of fodder roots.

The water is lying on this and many fields. 

Cheesy beetroots with ham later - thanks J! - the beetroots harvested just before Christmas having lasted longer than expected.

Mice have been nibbling spuds and wrecking Hessian sacks in the shed. Monsters!

The freshness that was there at the start of the working week after the holidays has survived but with Oxford 0th Week beginning today, tasks mount.

The new phase of the pandemic, living with Covid, is as weird as anything that has come before. Though one can't help but clutch at the encouraging words of optimists.

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