Sunday, August 22, 2021

barley field in july, the spiders, the limits of thought, mental sleights of hand, abundant cucumbers, nearing the end of the maris peer


Three photos taken between 30th June and 22nd July, showing the story of a barley field in west Oxfordshire. While I love the idea of harvest, I can't help worrying for the spiders. Just as I worry for the insects when I strim grass on the allotment. Not that I stop strimming... I suppose the mind gives up on such contemplations. They are too boggling and disturbing.

In the meantime, the trimmed paths of the allotment surround generous plants. Abundant runner beans - and never have we had so many cucumbers! I love J's cucumber soup! Today I dug half of the remaining Maris Peer earlies. Not as firm as last year's crop but certainly delicious!

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