Sunday, April 25, 2021

potato dibber, wider range, hopes for a drier august, blight, high demand, sprouts


The potato dibber's time this year came a week ago. See also, post of Saturday 9 May 2020 and link to related ones on

I planted a wider range of spuds than last year: Maris Peer earlies, Cara, Charlotte, Desiree, Estima and Nadine.

Am hoping for a drier August after the sodden ground of 2020, which led to blight and the loss of half the crop. It got us to Christmas at least but we'd usually have the previous year's harvest till March or April.

This was only the second time there'd been blight on our allotment - the previous one was in the year of the great flood of 2007.

We bought our seed potatoes early to ensure we had some - demand for all seeds during the pandemic continues to be high. Though having to store them till the Oxford clay dried out meant long sprouts, as in the above photo. Still, all should be well.

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