Tuesday, April 6, 2021

easter wreath, holiday, 'out and about', letting go, past the worm full moon, flurries!

Easter wreath at the porch of St Mary's Bampton.

Seen on my way through the churchyard after my morning walk - this week, taken at a civilised hour because I'm on holiday.

A lovely time to be out in the countryside.

It takes a while, though, to escape work, despite being tired after a busy term. You want to let go but the upturn in the year after the clocks go back, the change in the sunlight, and the passing of the full Worm Moon, make your mind somehow eager to take ideas forward.

I think I'm there now. Able to enjoy being at home ... in a different way to WfH ... and doing fun things.

The odd flurry of snow, ice on the bird bath and bitter North West winds are a bit of a surprise, even so, after the weekend warmth!

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