Sunday, March 21, 2021

days off, white violets, putting up pictures, crown series 3, cutting room floor, blurred


Had a few days off, which have been reviving after a tricky term (when aren't terms tricky in Covid times?).

Didn't go anywhere, of course, although that's not at all true, when there are white violets to see up the road - not to mention a great spotted woodpecker, a buzzard and a lark, amongst many others.

Also put up some pictures that have been sitting in bubble wrap - for years. Amazing to see them again!

Finished watching The Crown Series 3 on Saturday. We're always a box set or two behind the latest. Fascinating to catch up with what everyone was talking about just before the start of the pandemic. Mind you, there wouldn't have been the same 'Interesting how things come round again' moments then. Worth delaying, in fact.

I remember them making the Royal Family TV film, when I was at Heatherdown School in the late 60s. When it was broadcast, I sat down with my parents, full of expectation of being a film star, only to find I'd been left on the cutting room floor. I was pretty sure I was the blurred figure at the back of one of the football match sequences, though...

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