Thursday, February 4, 2021

snowy pics, work work, wildfell and forsytes, the brilliant avengers, flooding...


The snowy pics I meant to post last week.

Which tells you that it was somewhat busy, with precious little time for anything but work. Which makes it sound awful - it wasn't. For a start, much of the work was - well not necessarily enjoyable - but challenging (in a good way) and rewarding. Then, there were escapes into the world of Wildfell Hall - apart from Friday night, when I fell asleep. There was also pizza for late lunch on Saturday, in front of the log fire, and the Forsyte's on DVD.

And we've been gradually watching our way through The Avengers on iTunes for quite a while - the Patrick Macnee, Diana Rigg version. Currently part-way through Castle De'ath. What wonderful TV - incredibly witty, clever, ironic, experimental, inventive, totally entertaining... Not to mention the brilliant camera work, music, acting and scripts!

Sometimes memories from watching them as a boy come back, but I'm sure I never realised just how amazing what I was watching was.

Meanwhile, the countryside is increasingly underwater. The green lanes really are a struggle. Though the flooding from the Cherwell opposite the University Parks was beautiful, in a rather terrifying way - some pics to follow (more quickly this time, I hope).

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