Sunday, December 20, 2020

long weekend, cotswolds walks, rediscovering, remembering, holidays, forgetting, hopes of feeling refreshed

Took a day off a fortnight ago to make a long weekend. Walked in the Cotswolds on the Sherborne and Barrington Park estates.

The first day was lit by a pale wintery sun, despite the gloomy forecast, which did much to cheer things as we splodged through the mud. The second we got wet through - though it was still wonderful to have some time together in countryside we'd not walked since before the spring lockdown.

Wonderful and sad - these were the first times doing these walks without T. I think it was important to do them and not avoid the memories of all being there together. One afternoon, we watched videos of T tearing through the snow in the Windrush valley near Swinbrook.

Pleased to be finishing up at the libraries tomorrow and am looking forward to almost two weeks holiday.

It's difficult to get the past term into perspective. I'm hoping this will happen subconsciously and that my brain will allow me to forget work and enjoy being at home, putting 2020 behind me. We'll need all the refreshed strength we can get to face 2021, I fear.

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