Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 remembered, happy new year - 2021!


Oxford has kept going. Well, obviously, those involved in creating the vaccine have more than kept going! But all staff have kept their part of the University going too - and some. Very proud to be a member of such a remarkable institution.

Closer to home, during what would have been a difficult year without the pandemic, J came up with the idea of a village support network, when lockdown started, which she and others, not least our neighbour TMD, developed to wonderful effect. F & T were so proud of that:

A lot of sandwich lunches at the top of the garden during lockdown. A lot of early morning cycle rides before the Teams meetings and the tapping away in the spare-bedroom office. The Arts and Crafts dining chair has proved surprisingly comfortable!

And it was lovely that I spent more time with T, dozing at my feet, than I could have ever have imagined in his last summer.

But, then, what a terrible year to have lived through. What suffering there has been so far and what suffering there will be to come. I pray that we can rebuild quickly and all help each other.

I wish we'd not left Europe. I remember how proud I was when we joined. How excited. I think Britain has been enriched beyond measure by joining Europe. In terms of Human Rights especially. 

But what's done is done and I'm looking to the future.

I'm pleased Trust: A family story is at last finished. I'm really looking forward to writing fiction again.

I'm looking forward to me and J working towards our future together.

I'm looking forward to working with colleagues as we enter a New Year!

Happy 2021!

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