Sunday, August 2, 2020

recovering, walking, poplars, runners, the virus in the age of madness

Leg recovering well, although I decided not to cycle for a week, just taking walks.

On Thursday J gave me a lift to the top of the Woodstock Road and I did the Wolvercote, Godstow Nunnery, Thames, Binsey route, then cut across Port Meadow to the Oxford canal and in to work. Can't remember the last time I did this. At Binsey the breeze gently rattled the leaves of the poplars. How French that sound was, somehow, yet how English too.

Other days I walked from the village - across Roy's meadow (pictured - with the Highmoor brook in the forground) to the Plantation and Ham Court. 

This morning I worked on the allotment. Good to be there after a week of being kept away by work. Runner beans have started - couldn't believe how many there were until I parted the leaves and found where they were hidden.

Been reading The Virus in the Age of Madness by Bernard-Henri Lévy (Yale University Press, 2020). I'll say more about this when I've finished it but for now, reading this ebook pamphlet on the subject of the virus in the midst of the pandemic has a curiously fascinating immediacy.

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