Sunday, July 26, 2020

pond cleaning, a near miss, lion ointment, dr terrier, wilts, pink campion, deserted stonehenge

This afternoon I collected those lily pads, tips of water weed and stalks of flowering rush that had died back in the pond - and lost my footing, almost ending up in the water with the frogs! A small gash on my leg from one of the stepping stones. Back in the kitchen, J very kindly applied Lion Ointment and a dressing, with T, our terrier, taking a keen interest. No bones broken, thankfully. Returned and changed the nets of barley straw.

Happy memories of walking in Wiltshire a few weeks ago, near Chicksgrove. Pink campion shown above, wet from the occasional showers.

Driving there we passed Stonehenge and the two or three people walking round the ring.

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