Saturday, July 18, 2020

office - first time in four months, thames walks, a good walk, weeding spuds, domestic abuse bill, trust...

Went to work in Oxford this week. Amazing - amazingly weird - being in my office at the Taylor Institution for the first time in nearly four months!

Loved first walks along the Thames before going into work. Wonderful wild flowers growing on the banks of the river, including chicory and mullein, pictured above.

Great about the restart of Christopher Somerville's A Good Walk feature in the Times on Saturday - possibly my favourite reading in The Times! Though I read a lot of Times (and FT and Oxford Mail) articles each week. Also, I have to say, enjoying Times Radio - hadn't expected that.

Weeding spuds today on the allotment - as well as hoeing, strimming and watering.

Pleased the Domestic Abuse Bill is threading its way through Parliament. Haven't mentioned Trust: A family story for a while, I realise. Well, never 'trust' a writer when they say they've finished a book. There's always more to do! But it's there, when all is said and done - honest.

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