Saturday, July 11, 2020

a while, busy, jarred, pride comes before a fall, chimney meadows, shifford cut bridge, no hardship

It's been a while since I last posted.

We've been on leave this week. And the fortnight or so before was very busy with end-of-term library work and preparations for the MSt Creative Writing Guided Retreat, then the Retreat itself. The GR wasn't, of course, what anyone had imagined it would be earlier in the year, before Covid, but it was great to meet the students I've been supervising, even though this was online or over the phone.

In the midst of these intense weeks, I jarred my leg when I was stopping the bike at the end of an early morning cycle. It was a few minutes before this incident that I'd been 'powering' along the straight below Mount Owen back to the village and thought, I'm reaching peak fitness! Talk about pride comes before a fall! I approached the front of our house way too fast, braking not hard enough, and put my foot to the ground to stop myself. Ouch! Though it didn't start to really hurt till the evening.

So, for several days I decided I needed to keep to the flat, avoiding Mount Owen. I started prolonging the Great Brook part of the route by heading through Chimney Meadows, ending up at Shifford Cut bridge (view from the top of the bridge pictured).

No hardship this route - in the back of beyond!

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