Friday, May 1, 2020

happy may day! magdalen college choir's virtual may morning

Happy May Day!

Just after 6am, we were at the top of the garden watching Magdalen College choir's Virtual May Morning broadcast.

There we were in our dressing gowns by the frog pond with a tablet, enjoying the live video and the real-life backdrop of garden, cottage, village church spire.

A quarter of an hour before, though, there had been a near disaster, when I realised I hadn't charged up the mobile I was going to use as a hotspot - just got a fraction of power into it in time.

The wifi doesn't reach the pond (how do the frogs manage!)

In the end all was well. And what a fantastic film it was! As is the video about how the film was made, with everyone being at home.

Brilliant, Magdalen!

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