Sunday, April 12, 2020

happy easter!, bulrushes, typology, working from the spare bedroom, how can anything be the same, all the very best!

Happy Easter!

Not sure what bulrushes have to do with anything. Though thinking about it, one might view them as a reference to Moses, who in turn can be seen as a type of Christ:

Not that I had theology in mind when I photographed them.

In some respects, working from the spare bedroom is strange - no more bus journeys to the office (haven't spent so much time at home since I was a freelancer, nearly twenty years ago), no chats with colleagues, no face to face meetings. Though the Teams app is highly effective. My nosey side is fascinated by the glimpses of colleagues rooms and gardens!

In terms of creative writing, though, things are business as usual, mostly. Because the courses are part time and distance learning. Sad that the Exeter College creative writing summer school won't be happening this year, nevertheless.

And against the backdrop of the pandemic and the news and the grim statistics, how can anything be the same.

Looking forward to the 'end' of this - the return to some sense of 'normality' at least - and wishing everyone all the very best!

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